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$5.99 starters
mon-thurs, 3-6pm. sun-thurs, 9pm-close. fri & sat, 10pm – close dine-in only, excludes 10 or 15 buffalo wings, 1lb.boneless wings, macho nachos, pulled pork nachos and kitchen sink

buffalo wings or naked buffalo wings -served with celery, carrots, bleu cheese or ranch

buffalo wings:5 wings 5.99,10 wings 10.99,15 wings 15.99

boneless wings:1/2 lb. 7.59,1 lb. 12.59

housemade wing sauces 
mo’fo’ hot, mo’fo’ mild, bar-b-q, spicy bar-b-q, mo’fo’ mustard, honey mustard, garlic teriyaki, sriracha honey, mo’fo’ thai peanut, garlic parmesan and bourbon honey

7 tidals buffalo chicken dip
grilled chicken, bleu cheese, cheddar cheese,mo’fo’ hot, white corn tortilla chips, celery 8.99

white queso dip 
cajun beef, white queso, salsa, sour cream,jalapeños, white corn tortilla chips 8.99

classic quesadilla 
cheddar cheese, cajun chicken,tomatoes, red onions, green peppers 9.99
- add fresh guacamole, 2.25

macho nachos 
nacho and cheddar cheeses, cajun beef, tomatoes,red onions, jalapeños, lettuce, sour cream, salsa 10.99
- substitute cajun chicken or cajun black beans at no charge
- add fresh guacamole, 2.25

dill chips
battered and fried pickles, ranch,mo’fo’ mustard, horseradish 8.59

three amigos
housemade tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, queso 8.59
- free refills of chips and salsa

tater tots, nacho cheese, red onions, tomatoes,jalapeños, bacon bits, sour cream 8.99

spinach & artichoke dip 
blend of cheeses, spinach, artichoke, salsa,white corn tortilla chips8.59

loaded fries 
nacho or cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream
- choose: tater tots, waffle or natural cut fries 8.99

pistol pete‘s pretzel stix
salted pretzels, nacho cheese 7.99

bar-b-q pulled pork nachos 
thr3e wise men seasoned potato chips, white queso,bar-b-q pulled pork, corn, red onions, jalapeños 10.99

detlef’s dawgs 
mini corn dogs, mo’fo’ mustard, bar-b-q, ranch8.99

the kitchen sink
Pick four of the following appetizers:dill chips, boneless wings, detlef’s dawgs, pistol pete’s pretzel stix, loaded fries, 7 tidals buffalo chicken dip, spinach & artichoke dip, onion rings 14.99

roasted jalapeno poutine – natural cut fries, ghost chili pepper jack, roasted jalapeno country gravy, fresh jalapenos, green onions 8.99

beer battered onion rings  – thick cut beer battered onion rings, mofo mustard 9.99