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Scotty’s to Offer Exclusive Bourbon as Part of Their 20th Anniversary Celebration

Just in time to celebrate their 20th Anniversary in 2016, Scotty’s Brewhouse has begun selling bottles of their 10 year aged, hand selected, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon as well as a gift pack designed to be a great Christmas gift.

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“We have plans for several special items and events throughout 2016 as we commemorate our 20th Anniversary,” said Scott Wise, President and CEO of a Pots and Pans Production, which opened the first Scotty’s Brewhouse in Muncie, Indiana in 1996. “We thought this exclusive, hand selected bourbon would be a great way to get the celebration started. Prepare to see other things throughout 2016 like prices going back to 1996, a parking lot party with some of the great bands from the late ‘90’s like the Why Store, The Chosen Few and much more.”

The bourbon, which was distilled and aged for over 10 years at Knob Creek Distillery (a division of Jim Beam) in Clearmont, Kentucky, will be available at all Scotty’s Brewhouse, Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company and Scotty’s Brew Club locations.

“This is a very unique bourbon to be able to offer our guests,” said Mark Sontag, Director of Food and Beverage. “We visited Knob Creek and were able to sample whiskeys from several aged barrels to pick one we felt had the best taste and quality. “

Guests can buy the hand etched bottle with stainless plaque for $50 or a special gift pack for $89.99. The gift pack which can be purchased at any location consists of one bottle of the bourbon, two commemorative 20th Anniversary Scotty’s Brewhouse whiskey glasses, a Scotty’s hat as well as a $20 Gift Card.


“Normally our gift cards are big sellers during the holiday season, but this year we wanted to offer guests another gift option,” continued Wise. “Not only will you get some great bourbon with our gift set, but the exclusive 20th anniversary glasses, hat and gift card make it a special and unique gift.”

Guests not wanting an entire bottle of bourbon can try a special Brewhouse Bourbon Mule at any Brewhouse location beginning December 15. This limited time drink features the Knob Creek Barrel Reserve Bourbon, ginger beer and fresh squeezed limes.

After the bourbon barrels were emptied, we had them shipped to Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co.  The head brewer, Keely Thomlinson, prepared a high gravity beer that is now resting in the barrel for several months.  This beer will be hand bottled into 22 oz. bombers and wax sealed.  Scotty’s and Thr3e Wise Men will be selling this 20th Anniversary beer beginning in the Spring.  It is a very special, limited release – order soon as it will sell out.


If bourbon isn’t your favorite drink Scotty’s offer a multitude of other items perfect for gift giving, including several specials available just for the holidays. Until the end of December, all $25 gift card purchases receive a $5 bonus buck card or you can receive a $25 bonus buck card when you buy a $100 gift card.

Also available this year is the Scotty’s for a Year Booklet that consists of 12 coupons worth $15 each.  Guests are able to use one coupon per month during 2016 at any Brewhouse or Thr3e Wise Men location. This $180 value is available until December 31st for only $150 or guests can get one free with a $500 gift card purchase.

“We feel we offer one of the best selections of gift items in the industry,” commented Wise. “Not only do we have the ‘standard’ gift card specials, but we now offer a coupon book, a unique bourbon gift set as well as our bottled sauces and carryout growlers. If you are wanting to give the Scotty’s fan in your life a great gift, we have an option for everyone.”

Guests can pick up a bottle of any of Scotty’s nine different Brew-homemade sauces for $5 at any location or pick six for only $25. Carryout growlers of Thr3e Wise Men Beer are available Monday – Saturday at all Brewhouse and Brew Club locations and seven days a week at Thr3e Wise Men.

To order your gift cards or coupon booklet online 24/7 click here.