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Scotty’s Brewhouse Selling Turkeys To Raise Money For the Less Fortunate

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are falling and Fall is finally here. That means it is almost time for Scotty’s Brewhouses’ 6th annual “Feast for the Less Fortunate” on Thanksgiving Day at their Downtown Indianapolis location. This will be followed up with a trip to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in December to deliver toys to the patients that have been donated by customers at all of the Scotty’s locations across the state.

“Six years ago we started our Thanksgiving Event and every year it has continued to grow and become better,” said Scott Wise, President and CEO of a Pots and Pans Production. “This year we are working with even more shelters and organizations to provide a great meal to over 350 people, and this year after our lunch is complete (remove) we will be delivering food to the Ronald McDonald House to feed over 100 people.  We also take food to local nurses, doctors and families at area hospitals that aren’t able to enjoy Thanksgiving at home.  Anything we have left that we can box up, many of our volunteers drive around the city to handout to the homeless that are living under bridges or on the streets.”


“I am very blessed to be in the position I am in and believe it is my responsibility to motivate others to do good in our society and give back to all our communities that so proudly support us.  I believe it is a social responsibility of success that you share this by reaching back and grabbing the hands of those that are less fortunate, clasp hands tightly and give someone a lift up,” continued Wise.

Not only does Scotty’s provide a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner to those attending, they also give gifts to the children and to each of the adults. From now until November 10th guests are able to purchase paper turkeys at any of the Scotty’s locations. Guests can choose between a $1 or $5 turkey, place their name on it and then it hang it on the walls of the restaurants. The money from these sales will be used to buy gifts for the children and adults attending the event.

“Our guests are fantastic. We sold over $1,300 worth of turkeys in the first weekend, so we are well ahead of last year’s pace,” said Eric Schamp, who is the company’s COO. “We always have more than enough volunteers, but when a guest buys a turkey it allows us to give back more to the people we are trying to help with this event."

“Many of these children do not get to celebrate a traditional Christmas holiday with gifts, so this year we are asking Santa to stop by and hand out presents” said Wise.  “One of our purveyors, RNDC, always goes to Toys ‘R Us and drops off over $1000 in toys to our offices for these kids.  The smiles and hugs you receive from the children on this day is something that brings tears to my eyes on a yearly basis.”

All the food preparation, set up and service are provided by employees and guests who give the gift of their time to help make a difference. From wrapping gifts, to preparing the turkey and boxing up leftovers, it all happens from people who chose to donate their time.

Scotty’s also relies on their generous vendors who donate all of the food that is used for the Thanksgiving feast. This year US Foods, Dugdale Foods, Taylor’s Bakery, Pepsi, Zink and Starbucks are all donating their products to help make the event a success.   

Once Thanksgiving has passed, Scotty’s will begin preparing to deliver toys to the children at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in December. Until December 15th, guests can come into any Scotty’s location, donate a toy and receive a coupon for $5 off their next visit.  On December 18th, all toys will be delivered to the hospital by members of the Scotty’s team, led again by Scott in his charge to make people smile, even while in a little pain.

"This is one of my favorite things I get to do each year. I love personally delivering the toys to these brave children, who are going through such a difficult time," said Wise. "Most of us are blessed to have healthy children, and it's easy to forget the kids out there who struggle with their health every day."


If you would like to make a donation, please don’t forget some of the children are very young (under one) as well as teenagers. You can also visit Peyton Manning Children's Hospital website for information as to other ways to give back financially, donate items to the hospital, and volunteer your time.

“We have such great guests who donate all these wonderful toys, however often times we don’t receive many toys for the very young children or the teenagers,” continued Wise. “We would love to get plenty of toys for these age groups this year too.”

If you would like to buy a turkey to help with our Thanksgiving event, please visit any Scotty's Brewhouse location, Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company in Broad Ripple, or Scotty’s Brew Club in Franklin, Indiana. The final day for Turkey donations is November 20th.

Guests also have the opportunity to help Scotty’s fight cancer by enjoying a milkshake. Until the end of November, when you purchase a Milky Way Malt you will receive a free pint glass and $1 of your purchase will go to support Breast & Prostate Cancer Awareness. So far during the month of December guests have helped Scotty’s raise over $750 for this cause.

Scotty's offers a different volunteer opportunity every month for employees. Part of the company’s vision card is for employees to do something good in their communities every 90 days.

"I want our employees to have the opportunity to give back to the local community," concluded Wise. "That is why we organize the volunteer events each month in the different cities we are located in."

If you have a group that needs volunteer efforts or if you would like to help with any of the current Scotty’s Philanthropic events (guests are always welcome to help) please contact Jaclyn at

Scotty’s also offers Dine and Discount events all year. Your group can receive 10% of sales from guests who dine with us for your event. If you are interested in this program you please contact Jaclyn at