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Scotty’s to Offer Exclusive Bourbon as Part of Their 20th Anniversary Celebration

Just in time to celebrate their 20th Anniversary in 2016, Scotty’s Brewhouse has begun selling bottles of their 10 year aged, hand selected, Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon as well as a gift pack designed to be a great Christmas gift.

Anniversary _logo

“We have plans for several special items and events throughout 2016 as we commemorate our 20th Anniversary,” said Scott Wise, President and CEO of a Pots and Pans Production, which opened the first Scotty’s Brewhouse in Muncie, Indiana in 1996. “We thought this exclusive, hand selected bourbon would be a great way to get the celebration started. Prepare to see other things throughout 2016 like prices going back to 1996, a parking lot party with some of the great bands from the late ‘90’s like the Why Store, The Chosen Few and much more.”

The bourbon, which was distilled and aged for over 10 years at Knob Creek Distillery (a division of Jim Beam) in Clearmont, Kentucky, will be available at all Scotty’s Brewhouse, Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company and Scotty’s Brew Club locations.

“This is a very unique bourbon to be able to offer our guests,” said Mark Sontag, Director of Food and Beverage. “We visited Knob Creek and were able to sample whiskeys from several aged barrels to pick one we felt had the best taste and quality. “

Guests can buy the hand etched bottle with stainless plaque for $50 or a special gift pack for $89.99. The gift pack which can be purchased at any location consists of one bottle of the bourbon, two commemorative 20th Anniversary Scotty’s Brewhouse whiskey glasses, a Scotty’s hat as well as a $20 Gift Card.


“Normally our gift cards are big sellers during the holiday season, but this year we wanted to offer guests another gift option,” continued Wise. “Not only will you get some great bourbon with our gift set, but the exclusive 20th anniversary glasses, hat and gift card make it a special and unique gift.”

Guests not wanting an entire bottle of bourbon can try a special Brewhouse Bourbon Mule at any Brewhouse location beginning December 15. This limited time drink features the Knob Creek Barrel Reserve Bourbon, ginger beer and fresh squeezed limes.

After the bourbon barrels were emptied, we had them shipped to Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co.  The head brewer, Keely Thomlinson, prepared a high gravity beer that is now resting in the barrel for several months.  This beer will be hand bottled into 22 oz. bombers and wax sealed.  Scotty’s and Thr3e Wise Men will be selling this 20th Anniversary beer beginning in the Spring.  It is a very special, limited release – order soon as it will sell out.


If bourbon isn’t your favorite drink Scotty’s offer a multitude of other items perfect for gift giving, including several specials available just for the holidays. Until the end of December, all $25 gift card purchases receive a $5 bonus buck card or you can receive a $25 bonus buck card when you buy a $100 gift card.

Also available this year is the Scotty’s for a Year Booklet that consists of 12 coupons worth $15 each.  Guests are able to use one coupon per month during 2016 at any Brewhouse or Thr3e Wise Men location. This $180 value is available until December 31st for only $150 or guests can get one free with a $500 gift card purchase.

“We feel we offer one of the best selections of gift items in the industry,” commented Wise. “Not only do we have the ‘standard’ gift card specials, but we now offer a coupon book, a unique bourbon gift set as well as our bottled sauces and carryout growlers. If you are wanting to give the Scotty’s fan in your life a great gift, we have an option for everyone.”

Guests can pick up a bottle of any of Scotty’s nine different Brew-homemade sauces for $5 at any location or pick six for only $25. Carryout growlers of Thr3e Wise Men Beer are available Monday – Saturday at all Brewhouse and Brew Club locations and seven days a week at Thr3e Wise Men.

To order your gift cards or coupon booklet online 24/7 click here.  

Scotty’s Brewhouse Selling Turkeys To Raise Money For the Less Fortunate

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are falling and Fall is finally here. That means it is almost time for Scotty’s Brewhouses’ 6th annual “Feast for the Less Fortunate” on Thanksgiving Day at their Downtown Indianapolis location. This will be followed up with a trip to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in December to deliver toys to the patients that have been donated by customers at all of the Scotty’s locations across the state.

“Six years ago we started our Thanksgiving Event and every year it has continued to grow and become better,” said Scott Wise, President and CEO of a Pots and Pans Production. “This year we are working with even more shelters and organizations to provide a great meal to over 350 people, and this year after our lunch is complete (remove) we will be delivering food to the Ronald McDonald House to feed over 100 people.  We also take food to local nurses, doctors and families at area hospitals that aren’t able to enjoy Thanksgiving at home.  Anything we have left that we can box up, many of our volunteers drive around the city to handout to the homeless that are living under bridges or on the streets.”


“I am very blessed to be in the position I am in and believe it is my responsibility to motivate others to do good in our society and give back to all our communities that so proudly support us.  I believe it is a social responsibility of success that you share this by reaching back and grabbing the hands of those that are less fortunate, clasp hands tightly and give someone a lift up,” continued Wise.

Not only does Scotty’s provide a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner to those attending, they also give gifts to the children and to each of the adults. From now until November 10th guests are able to purchase paper turkeys at any of the Scotty’s locations. Guests can choose between a $1 or $5 turkey, place their name on it and then it hang it on the walls of the restaurants. The money from these sales will be used to buy gifts for the children and adults attending the event.

“Our guests are fantastic. We sold over $1,300 worth of turkeys in the first weekend, so we are well ahead of last year’s pace,” said Eric Schamp, who is the company’s COO. “We always have more than enough volunteers, but when a guest buys a turkey it allows us to give back more to the people we are trying to help with this event."

“Many of these children do not get to celebrate a traditional Christmas holiday with gifts, so this year we are asking Santa to stop by and hand out presents” said Wise.  “One of our purveyors, RNDC, always goes to Toys ‘R Us and drops off over $1000 in toys to our offices for these kids.  The smiles and hugs you receive from the children on this day is something that brings tears to my eyes on a yearly basis.”

All the food preparation, set up and service are provided by employees and guests who give the gift of their time to help make a difference. From wrapping gifts, to preparing the turkey and boxing up leftovers, it all happens from people who chose to donate their time.

Scotty’s also relies on their generous vendors who donate all of the food that is used for the Thanksgiving feast. This year US Foods, Dugdale Foods, Taylor’s Bakery, Pepsi, Zink and Starbucks are all donating their products to help make the event a success.   

Once Thanksgiving has passed, Scotty’s will begin preparing to deliver toys to the children at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in December. Until December 15th, guests can come into any Scotty’s location, donate a toy and receive a coupon for $5 off their next visit.  On December 18th, all toys will be delivered to the hospital by members of the Scotty’s team, led again by Scott in his charge to make people smile, even while in a little pain.

"This is one of my favorite things I get to do each year. I love personally delivering the toys to these brave children, who are going through such a difficult time," said Wise. "Most of us are blessed to have healthy children, and it's easy to forget the kids out there who struggle with their health every day."


If you would like to make a donation, please don’t forget some of the children are very young (under one) as well as teenagers. You can also visit Peyton Manning Children's Hospital website for information as to other ways to give back financially, donate items to the hospital, and volunteer your time.

“We have such great guests who donate all these wonderful toys, however often times we don’t receive many toys for the very young children or the teenagers,” continued Wise. “We would love to get plenty of toys for these age groups this year too.”

If you would like to buy a turkey to help with our Thanksgiving event, please visit any Scotty's Brewhouse location, Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company in Broad Ripple, or Scotty’s Brew Club in Franklin, Indiana. The final day for Turkey donations is November 20th.

Guests also have the opportunity to help Scotty’s fight cancer by enjoying a milkshake. Until the end of November, when you purchase a Milky Way Malt you will receive a free pint glass and $1 of your purchase will go to support Breast & Prostate Cancer Awareness. So far during the month of December guests have helped Scotty’s raise over $750 for this cause.

Scotty's offers a different volunteer opportunity every month for employees. Part of the company’s vision card is for employees to do something good in their communities every 90 days.

"I want our employees to have the opportunity to give back to the local community," concluded Wise. "That is why we organize the volunteer events each month in the different cities we are located in."

If you have a group that needs volunteer efforts or if you would like to help with any of the current Scotty’s Philanthropic events (guests are always welcome to help) please contact Jaclyn at

Scotty’s also offers Dine and Discount events all year. Your group can receive 10% of sales from guests who dine with us for your event. If you are interested in this program you please contact Jaclyn at

Scotty: "Really excited" for Muncie restaurants

By Keith Roysdon
The Star Press

Scotty’s Brewhouse is still two years’ shy of 21, but that isn’t stopping the Muncie restaurant from getting its hands on some liquor.


Beginning this fall, the popular restaurant near Ball State University will serve alcohol — besides beer and wine — for the first time after acquiring a full liquor license.

“We finally get to pour liquor,” Scott Wise told The Star Press in a recent interview.

Wise, who opened his first Scotty’s Brewhouse along University Avenue in Muncie in 1996, detailed for The Star Press news and developments for his company in Muncie:

 Liquor sales will begin at Scotty’s in October. “For the first time in nearly 20 years, we’ll be pouring martinis and bourbon (and other alcoholic beverages),” Wise said. Wise recently bought the liquor license for the former Dill Street Bar, which closed just down the street at the end of 2014. Former Dill Street owner Phil Wills — for whom Wise worked when he was a Ball State student — is also the new general manager of Scotty’s in Muncie.

 Scotty’s in Muncie will also see a $300,000 remodel, Wise said. The plan is to close for a week beginning around Aug. 9. New booths and TVs are part of the plan, as is a new bar. “We want to get it done before school starts,” Wise said. “We’re really excited about the Muncie restaurant.”


 Wise will not open a brewery in the former Cintas building, as reported last week by The Star Press. Wise said the revitalization of the former industrial laundry downtown was too slow for his schedule, which had included consideration of locating the Scotty’s Brewhouse corporate offices in Muncie. Wise said he has run out of space at his corporate offices on the north side of Indianapolis, where 30 people work. “That’s part of why we were looking at Cintas,” he said. Setting up a brewery and offices in Muncie is no longer a possibility, he said.

 Wise’s company’s growth includes new locations around Indiana and the first outside the Hoosier state. “We’re going to open in Punta Gorda, Fla., in November,” Wise said. The company will have 18 restaurants by the end of 2015.

 Wise said he’s excited for his next Muncie venture, the Thr3e Wise Men restaurant and brewpub now under construction in the Courtyard hotel in downtown Muncie. It is only the second Thr3e Wise Men, a concept that offers not only original beers but pizza, sandwiches, appetizers and other food.

 As part of the Courtyard, Thr3e Wise Men will be ready when the hotel opens, still scheduled for December. The restaurant will not only provide room service for the six-story, 150-room hotel — a first for Wise — but will be a restaurant industry training ground for students at the Erskine Green Training Institute, a Courtyard Muncie component where people with disabilities can learn to work in the hospitality or health care industries.

“It’s neat to get into the nuts and bolts of it,” Wise said. “They’ll learn working in a restaurant and hotel by actually working in a restaurant and hotel.”

Wise said Thr3e Wise Men also will offer delivery within a three-mile radius of downtown.

Contact Keith Roysdon at 765-213-5828 and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Franklin restaurant opening on course

By Ryan Trares
Daily Journal  

Inside Franklin’s Hillview Country Club, a new eatery will specialize in bringing the unconventional together. The decor transports diners to a sleek Napa Valley mountain lodge, while floor-to-ceiling windows offer a view of the rolling greenery of a central Indiana golf course. The menu features seared steaks and fresh seafood as well as unique pub food such as fried pickle chips and “macho nachos.”

Weekend golfers and longtime country club members will eat side-by-side with families out on the town and buddies gathered to share a few pints and watch a game.

The owners of the Scotty’s Brewhouse group of restaurants have partnered with the country club for a new kind of dining experience in Franklin.


Scotty’s Brew Club will combine favorites from the popular brewhouse menu with upscale fare and Sunday brunch. Patrons can fill growlers with Three Wise Men beer, and lockers will be available for regulars to keep wine and bourbon on hand.

The arrangement is intended to bring an exciting new eatery to the southside while shaking up the traditional country-club feel at the golf club.

“You might come in after a round of golf and want to grab a burger and watch the game with a beer. You can do that here and be totally comfortable,” said Scott Wise, owner of Scotty’s Brew Club. “But you can also come in with a date on a Friday night for steak and steamed mussels, and you can be comfortable doing that here.”

Renovations on the new space at Hillview have been ongoing for more than a year.

Diners approach the clubhouse on the long winding drive, coming up to an exposed timber patio and fire pit burning outside.

The dining room itself has been completely redone. Gone are the dated high ceilings and outdated decor, replaced with natural wood and large timbers to create an atmosphere reminiscent of rural California. A large communal table, cut from a single piece of oak, seats 16 people.

‘For everybody’

Modern lighting and a sleek bar play off that more rugged feel. Two spacious patios overlook the golf course, equipped with televisions and heaters for watching football on autumn nights.

“We’re known for having something for everybody,” Wise said. “We’re not the place to go for high-end steaks only or only pasta. You can come in if you have kids. You can come in if you’re in college. You can come in on a business luncheon.”

Since opening his first Scotty’s Brewhouse in Muncie in 1996, Wise has created a small empire in the food industry in central Indiana. By the end of the summer, his Pots and Pans Production company will have 12 locations in operation.

Three Wise Men Brewery offers craft beers, pizza and sandwiches. C3 bar in Bloomington specializes in crafted cocktails and high-level cuisine.

Scotty’s Brew Club borrows from all of these concepts.

“It’s not going to have a full Scotty’s menu. We’ve taken the top-selling burgers, appetizers and pizza and put them on this menu,” Wise said. “It’s just a little more limited, but we’re excited to see how it performs.”

The partnership started when Pete Grimmer, one of the owners of Hillview, started searching for a solution to improve the club’s food and beverage options. He had honed the country club into a top golf destination in the area and wanted to offer an equally excellent restaurant for members as well as the general public.

“Private clubs are notorious for losing money on food and beverage. That’s just not our forte,” he said.

He approached Wise about the possibility of opening a location in Franklin. Grimmer had a space available in the country club but wanted someone with the experience running a large eatery.

‘Little bit of everything’

Grimmer presented Wise with his vision for the space — an upscale bar and dining room that appealed to both the casual and formal diner.

“We’ve always liked Scotty’s restaurants, with its casual atmosphere and a lot of options, good beer and those kinds of things,” Grimmer said. “But we wanted to go a little more upscale, and Scott has had success with that as well.”

The menu picks the best items from Scotty’s other restaurants — its Southwestern tater tot “tatchos,” bacon-bombed burger and gourmet mac ’n’ cheese. Then Wise’s chefs also added non-pub food for those looking for a more elegant dining experience.

“They said they liked a little bit of everything — they liked the brew pub, they loved the pizza, they loved the burgers. But they also wanted some steak and seafood,” Wise said. “We played around with it and made it work.”

The bar will have 10 beers on draft, including Wise’s own Snow Bunny Blonde and Rocky River Pale Ale. Wine also will be on tap, to better keep it fresh. An additional wine list of 20 to 30 varietals will be available to meet the tastes of any drinker.

Grimmer and Wise worked together to install wine or bourbon lockers, where people can pay a yearly fee and keep the wines and whiskey that they prefer available for each time they come in to dine.

Wise will bring his Sunday brunch concept from his other restaurants to Scotty’s Brew Club. An all-you-can-eat buffet will give people the option to make their own omelets, enjoy biscuits and gravy or a selection of doughnuts and bagels.

‘Definitely avant-garde’

A Bloody Mary bar will help people ease into their final day of the weekend.

“My wife and I have traveled around and seen some of these things restaurants are doing. Having those kinds of things available to the southside is something that we’ve

always wanted to provide,” Grimmer said. “We think the southside deserves this kind of stuff.”

The new eatery also shatters the traditional country club restaurant model. Scotty’s Brew Club will be open to the public, with anyone able to get a table or eat on the weekends.

Hillview members will have special perks, such as preferred seating and reservation access. But the club is essentially opening its doors to everyone with this new venture.

“Usually a country club is members-only. But the Grimmers wanted to do something different,” Wise said.

Scotty’s Brew Club will be the first concept of its kind in Wise’s roster of restaurants. He hasn’t done any kind of project like this before, and the Franklin opening will be an experiment to see if it’s viable in other country clubs.

“It’s definitely avant-garde to open a restaurant in a country club,” Wise said. “But I’ve talked to other owners of country clubs. They’re great at running the golf side of it, but it’s hard to do the restaurant side. That’s where our expertise comes in.”


Campaign for LGBT equality coming to Indianapolis, June 29th

GET//OUT, a recently-launched social enterprise creating fresh and fun ways to support LGBT equality, kicked off the BLgT USA earlier this summer in Provincetown, MA. The organization is activating people locally to promote LGBT rights this summer – simply by eating a BLgT. Participating chefs across the country are creating classic BLT sandwiches with a twist, with proceeds benefitting partner LGBT community centers all summer long. The BLgT USA team is crossing the US to visit partner restaurants via the branded vehicle to host pop-up experiences in 50 states.

In Indiana, Scotty’s Brewhouse, serves as our restaurant partner, with a portion of the proceeds from their twist on the BLgT benefitting Indiana Youth Group, which serves the state’s LGBTQ youth. On the partnership, Scott Wise, the President/CEO of Scotty’s Brewhouse said,“I live by a motto that I was taught by my parents and that is to respect and love all people equally.  I believe love has no labels and I hope by supporting efforts like the BLGT we will one day live in a world that has equality for all people.”Visit the downtown Indianapolis location of Scotty’s Brewhouse any time before September 22 and see your BLgT make a difference in the lives of LGBTQ youth across the state.

BLGT_Home Page

For More on GET//OUT + the BLgT USA Tour

GET//OUT is a social enterprise creating fun ways to support equality through content, events, and products. BLgT USA is the first 50 State Food Tour for Equality, getting people out for LGBT rights by eating a classic BLT sandwich with a twist.


Scotty’s Brew Club at Hillview Country Club to Open in July

FRANKLIN, IN. – June 25, 2015 Scotty’s Brew Club located at Hillview Country Club in Franklin, IN will be opening at the end of July. The menu includes some items featured at the popular Scotty’s Brewhouse restaurants throughout the state of Indiana in addition to steak, fresh seafood and Sunday brunch. Scotty’s Brew Club will also feature an upscale wine list and wine lockers, carry-out growlers and wine on tap. Hillview members will have special perks at the Scotty’s Brew Club.

Scott Wise, President and CEO of a Pots and Pans Production, which operates 3 other concepts with 12 different locations, said he is excited about having one of his restaurants in a country club setting. “It breaks the mold of what traditional restaurants are supposed to do and where to locate. It is thinking outside the box and taking a risk.”


 “This is big news for our club and for Franklin,” said Hillview Country Club partner Pete Grimmer. “We hope this also becomes a catalyst for economic development on the city’s east side.”

Grimmer agreed: “We were looking for an agreement where we would own and operate the country club facilities and golf course and someone else would manage the restaurant.”

With construction underway, the next step will be finding employees to run a successful restaurant. To help speed up this process, Scotty's is holding open interviews for all positions next Monday and Tuesday from 10am - 6pm at the Hillview Country Club located at 1800 East King Street in Franklin as well as July 6-7 from 10am-6pm. No appointments are necessary and business casual attire is encouraged.

"We will be looking for great people to fill all types of positions," said Tracy Morgan, Director of Human Resources. "From cooks, to servers to management positions, we will have opportunities for everyone."

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions or at any Scotty's location, you can start the process by filling out an online application at

"We encourage everyone to get the process started by completing the online application," continued Morgan. "The open interviews will, then, afford the opportunity to meet face to face and move the hiring process along."

With over 1,400 employees, a Pots and Pans Production offers great benefits including health insurance, health club membership reimbursement, companywide special events, and many other programs and incentives.

To get more information about employment and to start the application process, visit

Scotty's $500K Remodel

By: Scott Olson

The flagship Scotty’s Brewhouse on East 96th Street—the local chain’s first outpost in Indianapolis—will undergo a major renovation this summer that will force the restaurant to close for about a week.


Owner Scott Wise says he’s preparing to plow $500,000 into the location at 3905 E. 96th St. that opened in 2006. Work should begin in the next few weeks—much of it during the overnight hours when the restaurant is closed—and finish in early August.

The restaurant, however, will need to close in mid-July for about a week, Wise said.

“It’s a pretty substantial remodel,” he said. “It’s a scrape and redo.”

Aesthetically, the walls in the center of the restaurant will be removed to open up the space, and the bar will be redone. All televisions and tables will be replaced and a garage door will be added on the side of the building giving patrons easier access to the patio.

Outside, awnings and signage will be replaced.

The aim is to freshen up the space and give it the same look as the newer Noblesville location set to open at the end of July at 146th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway. That's the former La Hacienda space.

An addition to the menu is in the offing, as well. Wise is installing a pizza oven in the kitchen and adding pizzas to the menu. He’ll do the same at the downtown location.

The East 96th Street restaurant often is the top performer in the Scotty’s chain, Wise said.

Also in July, Scotty’s will open at the Hillview Country Club in Franklin. Another will launch by the end of the year, in Punta Gorda, Florida—the first Scotty’s outside of Indiana.

The additions will bring the number of Scotty’s restaurants to 13

Cha-ching! Some businesses say Final Four tops Super Bowl

By: Jeff Swiatek 

With inventory in his Final Four souvenir tent on Pan Am Plaza down to a few dozen T-shirts and some bright blue Kentucky Wildcats knit caps, Don Menser pronounced his latest Final Four a profit-raking success.

"It was good. It was a very good event. We have no complaints," said Menser, a purveyor of branded merchandise to 27 Final Fours. "Hats, basketballs, the little plush monkeys, all the tattoos that go on your face, they're all gone," he said Tuesday, standing outside the white tent with two big "50 percent off" signs propped by the entrance.

Menser's thumbs-up for Final Four weekend seemed a shared gesture across Downtown and much of Indianapolis' suburban business landscape. A favorable mix of teams, weather and — dare we bring it up? — a just-in-time change that quieted the controversy over the state's "religious freedom" law, teamed up to make the 2015 Final Four one of the most lucrative and publicity-enhancing sporting events ever for the city.

"We were relieved and very proud ... especially coming off the heels of the RFRA issue," said Chris Gahl, a spokesman for Visit Indy, the city's tourist promotion and convention arm.

Indianapolis stood to gain a $70 million economic impact from hosting the NCAA's men's basketball Final Four, Gahl said. The college fans who poured into the city bedecked in their team's swag spent so freely that some restaurants were busier than during the peak periods of the NFL Super Bowl that Indianapolis hosted in 2012.

The High Velocity sports bar in the JW Marriott hotel sold 13 percent more food and drink on Saturday than its busiest Super Bowl day, said hotel General Manager Phil Ray. "It was just a great weekend," he said.

Of course, the mild weekend weather provided a big assist, allowing the visiting hordes to swarm Downtown streets and spend more freely.

"We were 30 percent above projections for the weekend. It would have been more if Kentucky won," said Jim Siegel, chief beer taster at Tow Yard Brewing.

Fans from the Final Four teams Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Duke were able to easily reach Indianapolis within a day's drive, and they turned out in big numbers, said Patrick T. Tamm, president and CEO of Indiana Restaurant & Lodging Association.

"Those fan bases know our city and like our city, and the word is getting around," Tamm said. "We couldn't have asked for a better turnout."

This year's Final Four fans also seem to hanker for Michelob Light beer. On Saturday, "the whole city ran out of it," said Ray. Distributors quickly restocked on Sunday.

Monarch Beverage said opening the city to a national party produced a 400 percent increase in sales to its Downtown customers. The distributor shipped 23,000 cases of beer and wine over the weekend, said Scott Shipley, senior vice president of sales.

"Almost all of the accounts we talked to said that their numbers were better than the Super Bowl," he noted.

At the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown, which hosted the Kentucky team, "gosh, we thought it was a great weekend," said Paul Kiley, director of sales and marketing. "The city was, like, on fire Saturday." The Marriott's two in-house restaurants topped their Super Bowl sales numbers, he said.

Gahl figures more people showed up than the last time the city hosted a men's Final Four, in 2010. Then, the city didn't have the 1,005-room JW Marriott and its three adjacent hotels, the NCAA's Fan Fest was smaller and musical events were fewer.11092112_10152691390796817_6284197721865162307_o

Talk of boycotts of the state by gay rights groups, businesses and others upset with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act had restaurateur Scott Wise worried as Final Four weekend approached. He'd spent six months preparing to host crowds at his Downtown Scotty's Brewhouse.

"We were very concerned going into the weekend with everything happening with RFRA," Wise said.

Those fears became a distant memory as his restaurant racked up $7,000 in sales per hour over the weekend — more than double normal.

Wise's only real Final Four worry: several upset Kentucky fans who had to be escorted from the restaurant late Saturday night after Kentucky's loss to Wisconsin.

"It was the end of their perfect season," Wise said. "I'd probably be upset, too."

Only 12 Final Four-related arrests were made over the weekend, most for public intoxication, according to Department of Public Safety records.

And Downtown businesses were not the only ones to benefit. In Hamilton County, most of its 3,000 hotel rooms were booked over the weekend, which coincided with Easter, normally a slow period for hotels.

"It was a fantastic four-day period, second only to the Super Bowl," said Gary Miller, senior vice president at IHG, which owns the Staybridge Suites at 96th Street and I-69.

Kevin "Woody" Rider said the two restaurants he owns in Carmel — Woody's Library restaurant and Divvy — were packed much of the weekend. "Carmel's spring break really slows us down. It's a mass exodus. It was nice to have the influx from the Final Four," he said.

The Indianapolis-based NCAA, which had raised concerns about holding events in Indianapolis if RFRA wasn't revised to give protections to gays and others, pronounced itself happy with the Final Four.

"The 2015 Final Four is the latest example of the city of Indianapolis staging a major sporting event in a first-class manner, and that's evidenced by the dozens of members of the media who went out of their way to remark about the wonderful experience they had over the last several days," said Dave Worlock, NCAA director of championships and alliances.

And one measure of more success to come: 20 influential business meeting and convention organizers who were checking out Indianapolis came away impressed, according to Gahl.

"We addressed the RFRA issue head-on at the beginning of the weekend," Gahl said. "The one-on-one dialogue helped answer questions and reassure these decision-makers Indianapolis is a welcoming place." By Monday night, as Duke celebrated its championship win in a cloud of confetti in Lucas Oil Stadium, "We were relieved that all 20 of them still have a strong interest in coming to Indianapolis in the future," Gahl said.

Scotty’s to Open Brew Club in Franklin

Source: Hillview Country Club

FRANKLIN, Ind. - A Scotty’s is coming to Franklin’s east side.

Restaurant entrepreneur Scott Wise has agreed to a unique arrangement to operate Scotty’s Brew Club at Hillview Country Club, 1800 East King. The restaurant will be open to the public.

“This is big news for our club and for Franklin,” said Hillview Country Club partner Pete Grimmer. “We hope this also becomes a catalyst for economic development on the city’s east side.”

Wise, who operates 11 Scotty’s eateries, said he is excited about having one of his restaurants in a country club setting. “It breaks the mold of what traditional restaurants are supposed to do and where to locate. It is thinking outside the box and taking a risk.”

Grimmer agreed: “We were looking for an agreement where we would own and operate the country club facilities and golf course and someone else would manage the restaurant.”

Grimmer, Jim Admire and Max Woodbury purchased Hillview Country Club in 2012. The clubhouse, restaurant area, banquet facility and swimming pool have been undergoing extensive renovations. Lou’s Den, a lunch pub, is already open to the public.


Hillview, founded in 1926, plans to expand its membership and host more special events. It will be launching a new website this spring.

Scotty’s Brew Club is expected to open in mid-June and will have a menu that includes some items featured at the popular Scotty’s Brewhouse restaurant in downtown Indianapolis. Scotty’s Brew Club also will have upscale wines and growlers.

Hillview members will have special perks at the Scotty’s Brew Club.
“We are excited to have the general public coming out, visiting our club and enjoying our restaurant,” Grimmer said.

Scott Wise to open Scotty’s Brew Club in Franklin

By Jolene Ketzenberger 

Scott Wise, who recently announced that he’ll open his 11th  Scotty’s Brewhouse location in Noblesville this summer, is continuing his efforts to grow his restaurant group – but with a different concept. Wise has signed a deal to open Scotty’s Brew Club at Hillview Country Club in Franklin.

Restaurateur Scott Wise will operate Scotty's Brew Club at Hillview Country Club in Franklin, Ind.

Restaurateur Scott Wise will operate Scotty’s Brew Club at Hillview Country Club in Franklin, Ind.

The restaurant, which will be open to the public, is expected to open in mid-June, Wise said. The new restaurant will offer some items from the Scotty’s Brewhouse menu in addition to steak, fresh seafood and Sunday brunch. Scotty’s Brew Club will also feature an upscale wine list and wine lockers, carry-out growlers and wine on tap.

Wise said he appreciates the opportunity to experiment with a new concept and menu.

“I like it because it breaks the mold of what traditional restaurants are supposed to do and where to locate,” he said. “It is thinking outside the box and taking a risk. That’s part of the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Renovations to the building have begun, and Wise said the restaurant will begin hiring hourly staff in May.

“I’m excited,” he said. “It’s exciting to spread your wings and paint a new canvas every now and then.”