I have had friends that say, "If you aren't in first place you are in last place." I have coaches that say, "You play to win the game." My parents used to say, "It isn't about winning, it is about having fun and learning to work with others as a team."

Everyone wants to win the race. You know, I have learned that I just want to be the best that I can be. If I am giving 110% and I finish second, well, at least I tried my hardest. And, if I finished last, I still beat everyone that didn't even come out and run the race.

I believe in competition as a healthy form of a "business race." I'm not running to try and put others out of the race, I'm running to do the best I can. To try and beat my "personal best." To always try and improve what I did the year before. And, competition forces you to keep that intensity in check. Because, if I am not cooking the hottest food, or have the fastest service, or keep the cleanest restaurant - then you will find someone else that can give that to you! This is healthy competition.

So, we post our Awards & Recognitions, not to gloat; but, for you to see that we will continue to strive to give 110% in everything we do at Scotty's Brewhouse. Sometimes we are the best, sometimes we are 2nd place; but, we always are giving 110%!


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